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Anxiety, Fears and Phobias

Whether you are struggling with social anxiety, constant worry, fear of flying, exam anxiety, fear of public speaking, feeling phobic about going to the dentist or doctor or experiencing symptoms related to anxiety, hypnotherapy can help.

Fears and phobias, whether logical or irrational, impair the quality of our lives greatly. Your hypnotherapist can help to identify when the problem started, what caused it and outline a strategy to help you overcome your fears as well as the anticipatory anxiety that has become part of the problem. She will provide tools that will help you leading up to a difficult situation and during the actual event so that you will begin to have only positive experiences. You will also be able to use the tools you learn for future situations.

If the origin of the fear or phobia can not be identified, your hypnotherapist will take a slightly different tact still ending up at the same positive outcome.

Hypnosis can also be used to increase your understanding and concentration on materials important for an upcoming exam. It helps you to relax, giving your conscious mind more “brain power” to allocate toward studying. Hypnosis will enhance your sense of well-being and your motivation or desire to have a good memory.

If you are experiencing fears about failing to meet the goals you have set for yourself, your hypnotherapist can help. Similarly, your hypnotherapist can also assist you identify and remove blocks that have hindered your exam performance in the past and help you to understand how your memory works so you can utilize it more effectively.

The human mind is so large we will never be able to fill it in a lifetime. We are capable of remembering most of what we have seen, heard or experienced if we so desire. Your hypnotherapist will give you tools to enhance your recall and ultimately, eliminate the anxiety you experience around test taking!

Insomnia Pic

Insomnia Relief

Are you someone who has trouble falling asleep, trouble getting back to sleep or waking up too early?

We all need a good night’s sleep to stay sane and re-energize our mind and body. There is nothing more frustrating than a night tossing and turning where you never actually fall asleep or where maybe you do fall asleep briefly only to be awakened and kept up the rest of the night. Once insomnia kicks in, it is often difficult to derail. Anxiety continues to build the less sleep you have had and the greater the responsibilities of the next day.

Fortunately, hypnosis and CBT-I, Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Insomnia, can help. Hypnosis naturally acts as a bridge between our being “fully awake” and being “asleep” in our normal day-to-day lives. A hypnotherapist can help you define your sleep patterns, identify any external causes that are keeping you from sleeping, examine your environment and physical state and ultimately re-pattern your mental activity prior to going to sleep thereby making your transition to sleep a relaxing, easy segue. Your hypnotherapist will explain the four stages of sleep and how to transition easily from one to the next with the help of self-hypnosis, a proven strategy for getting to sleep comfortably and getting back to sleep when you awaken in the middle of the night.

In addition, CBT-I coaching and education with guide you toward the thoughts and behaviors that promote healthy sleep long term.

Self-Esteem, Self-Sabotage

Do you have low self-esteem...struggle with a strong inner critic...know you could achieve more but struggle to do so or battle with self-sabotage? Hypnosis can help.

Healthy, genuine self-confidence is peace of mind. It provides security and independence and allows one to achieve maximum happiness through developing one’s inherent talents, leading a constructive life and entering into fruitful relationships.

There as many reasons for low self-esteem or lack of confidence. Your hypnotherapist can help you uncover these reasons, eliminate limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns or simply help you to change the image you have of yourself through hypnosis. What the mind can see and visualize, the mind and person can accomplish.

Find out more about self-sabotage, how to recognize it, why it occurs and how to stop it so you can heal, move forward and prosper. Through hypnotherapy your subconscious mind can become more familiar with feeling good and allowing good things to continue happening in your life.

Have you ever wondered why some people, regardless of their talents, background or experience, just seem to excel? Find out and become one of those people through hypnosis.

About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, a focused state of concentration during which your mind is calm and very alert and your body completely relaxed. During hypnosis you are not asleep but rather in a deeply relaxed state of consciousness where the hypnotherapist can better connect to your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind governs most of your unwanted behaviors, bad habits and limiting beliefs. Most people are not aware that it is approximately 7 times stronger than your will power or logic because it represents roughly 88% of your total brain power, while the conscious part of your mind only represents 12%. This is why it is so hard to make changes even when we consciously really want to make those changes. It is also why an unwanted behavior, bad habit or limiting belief often re-surfaces quickly after a temporary departure. Hypnosis is an extremely effective, comfortable way to connect with that subconscious part of your mind and make long lasting changes happen fast.

Hypnosis is an ancient tool that continues to gain interest, popularity and credibility. Hypnotherapy has been approved by the AMA (American Medical Association) since 1958 and has often been used in conjunction with western medicine and psychology due to the fact that it is safe, naturally occurring, pain-free and drug free.


Hypnosis can also help with...

  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Management/Emotional Eating
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Grief and Loss
  • Sports Performance
  • Stress Reduction Off Topic Podcast

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