Testimonial #1

Deep, Delicious Sleep!

I really enjoyed taking this course w/ Andrea. Each week covers step by step what you need to start sleeping well again. There are hypnotherapy recordings to listen to each week to help to reprogram the mind for sleep and a weekly Q&A that I found helpful. Andrea also made herself available during the week if I had concerns. I've just finished the 6th week and if I compare myself from the 1st week to now, I'd say there is a vast improvement about my understanding of sleep, positive thoughts and overall wellness.

-Stephanie K.- Artist, Health Care Provider, L.A.

Testimonial #2

Andrea was amazing. Really easy to work with and broke down the method so it was easy to put into practice. I went from rarely a good night’s sleep to the exact opposite. My quality of life is better because I have more energy and my time is managed better. I absolutely recommend her program and I have already been spreading the good word.

-ML, Musician Los Angeles

Testimonial #3

I have had insomnia for almost my entire life, and have never been a morning person. I just completed Andrea's 5 week hypnotherapy course for sleep and for the first time in my life I can honestly say I AM A MORNING PERSON! I am up at 6:30am 7 days a week and it feels incredible and is life changing. My sleep has vastly improved and continues to get better every week. If you cannot sleep, do this, I found the fee to be super reasonable.

-Amanda C., Singer, Los Angeles

Testimonial #4

I was referred to Andrea. I read her bio on her site and thought that her background would be a good fit for me. During our initial meeting I found her to be extremely comfortable to be with. She made me feel relaxed enough to discuss personal things right off the bat..and she’s funny!

I wanted to quit smoking which we have succeeded in doing together YAY!!! I am a non-smoker after 28 years of a pack a day habit. Her method worked surprisingly well for me, the cravings were minimal and very easy to handle. I also wanted somewhere to go on a regular basis for other issues. She’s been a safe haven, very helpful and understanding in dealing with my Mother’s recent passing. I’m sleeping better, I wake up in a better mood and I’m more relaxed overall. I think hypnotherapy is the most direct and honest type of therapy out there but your therapist still needs to be a good fit. Fortunately Andrea is a good fit for me. I plan on continuing my therapy with her…I think it’s good for the soul. Anyone considering hypnotherapy should consider Andrea. I know she would do her best to help them.

~ Kim R., Co-Founder, Gallery Row, Los Angeles

Testimonial #5

I found Andrea on the internet. While I would love to say that her resume was the clincher, it was really her eyes! The eyes are the window to the soul and I saw kindness, understanding and "non-judgment" there. My hope was for immediate results (ha ha!), but I also knew that was not realistic. Andrea has done a wonderful job of using hypnotherapy to deal with my emotional and psychological needs while at the same time forcing me to work on root issues. I have gained new insights into core issues that I did not realize were at work, stress release and visions of new realities and the guidance and encouragement to work toward new goals. Anyone in need of stress release, breaking boundaries / obstacles/ habits, setting and achieving new goals should consider working with Andrea.

~ Rudi W., Attoney, TX

Testimonial #6

Andrea has been instrumental in helping me focus and organize my thoughts. She helped me challenge my limiting beliefs and eliminate certain unhealthy thought patterns and habits. I found her to be insightful, non-judgmental, caring and a calming influence in my life. Her approach to healing has not only been highly effective in my everyday employment, but has helped me tremendously to focus on structuring an action plan for the completion of my creative projects.

~ Sandy C., Executive Assistant, NYC

Testimonial #7

An appointment with Andrea is like a great vacation with a dear friend. After every appointment I feel relaxed, heard and have great clarity. Keep in mind this is coming from a huge skeptic of anything out of the ordinary!

The introduction conversation was over the phone. Andrea spoke with me for almost an hour asking questions to determine if we were a good fit. All Of which was FREE! My intention was to address my claustrophobia issues. After three sessions I was able to fly relatively fearlessly. She spoke with me for an hour and a half each appointment and emailed me the recordings following each session.

I like that Andrea is 100% dedicated to the well being of her clients and sincerely wants her clients to overcome their challenges. She is worth every dime and is now a regularly scheduled appointment on my monthly calendar.

- Lyndsey C. , Teacher

Testimonial #8

I decided to go to hypnotherapy for my claustrophobia issues. I was a bit of a skeptic walking into Andrea's therapy session. I didn't fully feel comfortable doing hypnotherapy at first but was willing to try it because I was going to Boston & knew I had some challenges with the metro. I needed to heal in less than a month. Andrea made me feel so at ease & comfortable the first session I attended. I felt hope after the second session. By the fourth session I was healed to a huge degree. Andrea took the extra time to take me down to the metros after another healing session to test my phobia. Sure enough I was able to take the metro without any fears. I could not have done my Boston trip without hypnotherapy with Andrea. I was stuck in the metro in Boston & I was able to maintain my panic attacks which I normally could never do. Andrea is so amazing, kind & loving. I feel like she does this because she truly cares about people & wants to help. She's so good with providing you with additional information & helping you heal in many ways. I have referred her to several friends already that need healing in different areas. She will heal you. Thank you Andrea, you have a gift & it's a beautiful thing that you are sharing it with others.

~ Sylvia, P. Graphic Designer, LA

Testimonial #9