5 Tips to Improve Confidence

Man at top of mountain overlooking bay with arms outstretched

Confidence does not come naturally to everyone and even generally confident people can experience bouts of insecurity here and there. For many, confidence comes more slowly and must be built with time and experience. Confidence may come from mastering something, realizing you have more control over your life than you thought you did, shifting your beliefs to those that are less limiting and more empowering or learning, little by little, that you can trust yourself. Confident is a way of being that may require practice and everyday attention. So, how can you boost your confidence and start embodying the person you want to be…your most authentic self? Here are five tips for you:

  1. Get to the root of the problem. Journaling can be very helpful for introspection. Here are a few journal prompts to consider:
    1. Is there a traumatic event that I have yet to face?  How can I begin to heal?
    2. What thought patterns show up most often every day?  Are they hurting me or healing me? 
  2. Commit to something long-term. Showing up for a project or certain task every day instills a sense of security which leads to confidence and trust in oneself. 
  3. Daily Affirmations. When we affirm positive thoughts every day, those thoughts start to become beliefs. Here are a few ways to incorporate affirmations into your daily routine.
    1. Engage in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) HERE is a link to a video from Brad Yates, an EFT expert. 
    2. Leave sticky notes around your home with positive affirmations. 
    3. Record yourself saying affirmations in a voice note app and listen to the recording before bed. 
  4. Do something that shifts you out of your comfort zone every day. When we accomplish something that we deemed difficult previously, it gives us a sense of pride, drive and confidence. We start to show up for the world with a ‘can-do’ attitude instead of a fear-based attitude. 
  5. Exercise. When you feel better physically, you feel better mentally. You’ll have more energy to take on challenges and overcome obstacles. Furthermore, you’ll feel stronger, your self-image will improve, and your brain power will increase. 

Finally, hypnosis is an amazing way to achieve greater confidence! Your hypnotherapist can help you uncover and eliminate limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns and/or simply help you to change the image you have of yourself through hypnosis. What the mind can see and visualize, the mind and person can accomplish.Through hypnotherapy your subconscious mind can become more familiar with feeling good and allowing good things to continue happening in your life.