2 Things you can do to begin recovering from emotional eating

If you have made the decision to stop emotional eating, getting professional help is highly recommended but here are two things you can do now to begin your recovery.

  1. Take a look at what you have been resisting in your life. It is very likely that your exaggerated actions, such as over-eating or binging have manifested because you are repressing another emotion or emotional need which is not acceptable to you. It could be acknowledging a past trauma, a belief that causes you to lack confidence, unexpressed emotions or something about your present situation that bothers you. Your emotional eating is trying to tell you something and it is your job to find out what that is. Begin to explore this area by writing down the story of your life or keeping a daily journal.
  2. Second, work on improving your self esteem. We are not all born with confidence…self esteem and self-love often take practice. By building a base of self awareness and self-love, you will not feel as empty or unloved. You will have less need to “fill yourself” with food, “stuff down” feelings of self-hatred or deny yourself good health and happiness. Begin to treat yourself as you would a good friend or child, with respect, compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love. Listen to your inner voice. When you hear it say something negative stop it! Try some simple affirmations each morning such as “I am open to good things coming into my life”, “People like me” or “I honor my individuality”.

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