1. Postpone it. Set a timer for 15 minutes, giving you time to choose a healthier option.
  2. Brush your teeth, take a shower or a bath.
  3. Soak “binge food” in water.
  4. Get away from the environment that is tempting you- Go for a walk, or to the library.
  5. Call a supportive friend to talk.
  6. Let your emotions out- scream into a pillow, beat your bed with a tennis racket or a wooden spoon.
  7. Write down the foods you would binge on, seal it in an envelope and throw it away.
  8. Take three deep breaths holding each one for a count of 10 and exhaling to a count of ten. Think through your anxiety. What are you feeling?
  9. Change your environment. Turn on the radio or television, chew gum, or jump up and down. Switching your focus to one of your other senses will get your mind out of the thought pattern it is currently stuck in.
  10. Write in a journal. Be honest. Ask yourself, how would I benefit from this potential binge?

Even if you are committed to stop bingeing, it is not easy to do. At first, you will consciously have to “not binge”. You will need things to do instead of bingeing. Post this list on your fridge. When you are tempted to binge, pick one of the items and do it. Add to the list or change it if you find alternatives that suit you better, but have this list ready for the first few times. Every day that you don’t binge mark your calendar with a gold star or put a little money in a jar as a reward. It may sound silly but it will help!